Hi, I’m Marta

I’m a performance coach, your one-way ticket to greatness.

I help people grow into their greatness. Equipped with tools and skills, I draw out a client’s wisdom so they can maximise work or personal potentials and reach their goals faster and more efficiently. Once you find your inner greatness, there’s no way back.

Let me support you in creating your ultimate life…

As a high-level executive travel consultant, I’ve had the honour of supporting and inspiring more than 5,000 travellers to explore the world.

In just over 10 years, I’ve sold 15 million dollars worth of travel arrangements, boarded over 500 flights, into almost 50 countries. In my 7 years of leadership, I turned 3 of the worst performing franchises into some of the best, increasing sales & decreasing staff turnover.

After 10 years I realised that my purpose (and what excites me the most) was supporting my staff to be happy, content and successful, both inside and outside the office. I now inspire on a bigger scale and impact high performers around the world as a coach & speaker.

“I help people to never go back from their greatness”

Praise from my amazing clients

Marta helped me to get a clearer look on where I want to go with my life and what I want to do next.

It was great to have someone who listens to you and then untangles your thoughts to help find out what the important things in your life are.

Annette Schwemmer

I find Marta to be highly professional with lots of experience.

Her inspiring journey and genuine care for others makes her a great coach.

Stephen Soo

How can I help you?

Group coaching & corporate training

Let me come to you and help your team change the way they currently work, by supporting them to discover & tap into their greatness.

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One on one coaching

We will dig deep into your core identity and guide your greatness towards your goals, so you can become a healthier, wealthier and more loved version of yourself.

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Keynote speaking

As someone that’s travelled around the world and built an incredibly successful career, I offer a unique insight into leadership, decision making & taking action.

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Ready to make 2023 your biggest year yet?

I help people grow into their greatness through coaching & mentoring.